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Tokyo City Tour -tc tour- offers private Tokyo tour by mini van
with English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian speaking guide.
We offer not only group tour but also arrangment tour and a personal trip in a wide area in Japan.
We provide the best service so that your stay in Japan becomes splendid.

Recommend tours 2015

Japan Kawaii Tour

Cute elements can be found almost everywhere in Japan, Join thousands of Anime and Manga lovers in the 2014 international Anime faire..

Sakura tour 6days

Whether you are seasoned traveler or a first time visitor to Japan, we recommend "SAKURA TOUR 10days" itinerary, our most popular tour.



Tokyo city tour inform you about
sightseeing information,
such as Tokyo, Nikko, and Kamakura.


Tokyo city tour inform you about
travel information, culture, history, foods,
customs of Japan.


All Escorted Tours include
Accommodations, Most Meals,
Admission Fees, Ground Transp...