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Travel tips

Japan is one of a difficult countries for foreign travelers in all over the world. The sign in public transportation and each sightseeing spot , there are only a mark of Japanese, and easy to lost Tokyo City Tour will help your travel for comfortabl

Japanese culture

Japan is one of the countries with a special tradition and the culture in the world. A tradition and a culture origin though the influence from a Chinese continent are well preserved. Because of the Japan is enclosed by the sea, and country was closed in Edo period.

Japanese Shinto

Shinto is Japanese religion from ancient times, centering on the ideas of Japanese intimacy with nature and ancestor worship. All things on earth were brought forth and rules over by the gods who reside throughout all nature. Mountain and trees often became object of worship, and Shrine archway and sacred Shinto rope mark sacred area. When shrine are built, objects of worship in which a god or gods reside are enshrine there. Shinto constitutes the foundation of sensibility of Japanese people, but most present day Japanese, rather than placing faith in Shinto, feel their cultural identity through it. Shinto supported the Emperor system in a religious sense, and even now its ancient customary practices remain as the religion of the Imperial Family.

Japanese Buddhism

Buddhism came to Japan in the middle of 6 century. Supporters of Buddhism won a victory in the political power struggles of the time. Building temples in every area under government patronage, it spread throughout the country. In the Kamakura period- 1185 to 1333-, as a number of new leader appeared and deepened its philosophy, Buddhism made clear its position of saving the weak. Zen Buddhism was brought to Japan in the Kamakura period by priest who studied in china, and it flourished principally as the religion of Samurai. At present, a culture in Japan that has Buddhism as its backdrop has laid roots deeply in the lives of the people and, together with Shinto, Forms the spiritual culture of the Japanese people. Also, even today now sects of Buddhism keep emerging and gaining believers.

Japanese food

Tokyo city tour inform you about Japanese dish. We have a lot of speciality for foregn traveler, strongly recommend you what you eat in Japan.

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