• Tokyo

    Tokyo is the financial, political and commerce heart of Japan. And then Tokyo has an incredible variety of museums, shrines and temples to keep you preoccupied for many days.

  • Hokkaido

    The Island of Hokkaido is second largest island and at the north end of Japan.

  • Kyoto & Nara

    Kyoto and Nara are a must-visit destination for most people traveling to Japan. As one of the most historical cities in the country, Kyoto induces curiosity in people who wish to explore the authentic allure of the Japanese culture.

Tokyo City Tour is established in 2005 and registlated as travel agency by Tokyo metroplolitan government office.

We have already welcomed many customers from over 60 countries and have arranged uniquely coustomize tours for foreign individual tours such as Hot spring, Anime, Home visit, Festival and Cultual experience.

Package and private tours with English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese guide.
We provide the best service so that your stay in Japan becomes splendid.
If you have any inquiry and questions, please contact us on our web site, so that we can arrang you rown tour directly with us.


  • Japan tailored to your wishes and expectations

    We are honored to attend you with pleasure and organize your exclusive tour absolutely personalized, individual or group, with highly qualified professional guides.
    We design your trip with flexible schedules and combining train, cruise, private bus, excursions, historical, gastronomic and artistic tours, adapting to your preferences.
    16 years of experience guarantee our excellence in high quality tourist services. Leave your trip in our hands and get ready to enjoy the Land of the Rising Sun in a safe, pleasant and unforgettable experience!
    We invite you to enjoy our blog and multimedia content where you will find important, interesting and attractive information.
    We are pleased to show you the authentic Japanese culture, historical and recreational sites and to offer you useful data to facilitate your stay in Japan through our website.

  • Coach operation

    Hi, I am Akira and was born in Nagoya.
    I was born in Nagoya.
    I'm in charge of making the transfers of private and group tours.
    I will make your trip very safely and pleasant.
    I'm here to serve you.
  • Haruko / Ms : Operation manager

    I'm flamenco dancer and a passionate about Japanese cuisine.
    I have traveled every corner of the country by tasteing the various flavors, aromas and peculiarities of each region, which are included in our tours.
    I am pleased to share with you these exquisite experiences and make recommendations beyond traditionally tourist.
    We invite you to delight with our gastronomic tour.
  • Konnichiha, Watashi ha Kairu desu.

    Tourist tour guide specialized in traditional japanese History and Culture in spanish, english and japanese.
    I am honored to conduct an extraordinary detailed tour in a visit through time to the ancestral culture of Japan.
    I am also the multimedia producer of the agency's website, and expert in Pop culture and japanese Anime.
    I will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns about this beautiful and fascinating country.
  • Kimiyo/Ms : Licensed guide.

    I am a Licensed tourist guide.
    I was born and raised in Osaka.
    I love exchanging differences in culture.
    We will share time with a big smile.
    I look forward to seeing you in Kyoto and Osaka.
    It will be a pleasure to help you to have a happy trip.



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Tokyo City Tour
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