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Let us help you build your trip to Japan!

Travel Agency

Japan has it all: tradition, mystique, magic, modernity, technology, and breathtaking nature all folded into one. It is the land that exquisitely combines beauty, perfection, and peace.

We have the expertise, contacts, and experience to make your trip to Japan not only smooth but foremost unforgettable and special. Whether you come here for a once in a lifetime holiday, as a repeater who wants to dive a bit deeper the second time around, on a business trip or for a visit of friends in Japan, we can consult with you and match you with the best professionals to deliver the experience that you want.

Let us take you on unforgettable private tours or small group tours with guides who can speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, German or Dutch to learn not only about Japanese culture and history but really dive into subcultures and lifestyle, taste foods and drinks you might be hesitant to try on your own, enter places you wouldn’t have entered by yourself, not only visit amazing highlights but also go off the beaten path and create unforgettable memories. We will also help you with opening doors that normally stay closed to regular tourists due to language barriers.

Tokyo City Tour has been in business since 2004 and we have always prided ourselves on providing high-quality and personal service. We also work with high-quality, experienced guides who will be a great addition to your holiday and give you awesome advice. Our specialists toured the country, looking for the best of the best, making sure that each experience and itinerary adds great value to your stay in Japan. Our small group tours have been compiled with the utmost care for balance, and our private tours are always flexible and customizable besides having amazing base itineraries.

We will also provide you with professional advice about accommodation for any budget, airport transfers, train travel, reservations for restaurants that are difficult to get into, and all kinds of experiences and visits.

Our website offers detailed information on areas in Japan, history, places to visit, travel information, and other interesting topics that can help you with your trip preparations. Please contact us if you have any questions about traveling to and within Japan, we are happy to be of service!

Travel Agency

Hatchobori station ( HIBIYA lINE ) : Exsit A4

Travel Agency
Just go straight and across the crosswalk

Travel Agency
50m from the crosswalk, you can find our office building on the right (there is a pharmacy on the first floor).

Travel Agency


Agency Name Tokyo City Tour co
Term of Validity 1-13-10 Sanshin build. 2A Hachobori Chuo–ku Tokyo Japan
License Number Tokyo – 2-5733
Capital social 15,000,000
E-mail tctour@tctour.co.jp
Phone 81-3-6280-4646
Fax 81-3-6280-4649