Kurobe Gorge, Toyama


Toyama Prefecture

Toyama Prefecture is facing to the Sea of Japan. Geographically, it is a very unique place. There is Tateyama Mountain Range which is a part of Japan Alps in the southeast with 3000 meter-high mountains. On the other hand the Toyama Bay is very deep and the deepest part is over 1000 meters. So the height difference is over 4000 meters.

This geographical uniqueness makes two important tourist attractions in Japan tour. One is a beautiful scenery of the mountains. It is not far from the capital city of Toyama, you can observe the snow-capped mountains from the town. Of course you can go into the mountain using variety of transportations. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is the most famous mountain route. You can enjoy Kurobe Gorge by the railway, too.

Another attraction is fresh seafood. Because of the depth of the Toyama Bay, variety of fish can live there. Some of the most famous fish are firefly squid, white prawn and amberjack in winter.