Kamakura Daibutsu



Kamakura was the military capital of Japan between 1185 and 1333. There are 19 shrines and 65 Buddhist temples, including the two oldest Zen monasteries in Japan.
Kamakura is situated near the sea and is surrounded by hills.
How to get to Kamakura
From Tokyo station to Kamakura :
Take the Tokaido line of the JR train to Ofuna station where you have to change to the Yokosuka line for Kamakura or Zushi. Kamakura station is the second station from Ofuna station.Time : 1 hour
Rate : 900 yen (one way).

From Shinjuku Station to Kamakura
Take the Shonanshinjuku line for Zushi that goes directly to Kamakura station. No need to change the line on the way.
Time : 1 hour
Rate : 900 yen (one way)