Kawayu Onsen in Hokkaido

Kawayu Onsen in Hokkaido

Most tourists that come to the eastern side of Hokkaido, come to see the beautiful Japanese cranes that live in this area and for its ample hiking opportunities. Akan National Park is famous for its 3 clear lakes, natural scenery boasting volcanoes and dense woods, many cranes, and onsen area. Kawayu Onsen is a resort of hot springs in the middle of this National Park. It is a good place to stay if you want to discover the natural bounty of the surrounding park.

Small town and enjoy hot spring

Kawayu Onsen is only a small town, so people who are looking for extensive amenities and modern facilities had better look elsewhere. If you are looking for a great base to explore Akan National Park and a hot spring that can give you a great energy boost, it is a great place to stay. You can find highly acidic and metallic onsen here, and the water is of high quality and 100% free-flowing. Near the station, you can use the footbath for free.

In February and August events are held in the small town, and you can enjoy diverse activities like horse riding and canoeing year-round and cycling in summer and snowshoe walking in winter.

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