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Nemuro in Hokkaido, Japan

Nemuro in Hokkaido,Japan

Nemuro, a small provincial city of 31,000 people, is the easternmost city in Japan. But Nemuro’s main attraction is the nature around it: the lush forests, lakes, marshes and swamps, and the beautiful coastal scenery. People come to this remote area to see Japan’s first sunrise, to feel surrounded by nature, to see its unique flora and fauna, and to eat some of Japan’s freshest seafood. Hotaru’s catch is always among the highest in Japan.

Nemuro in Hokkaido, Japan
Birdwatching fanatics, in particular, will love Nemuro as this is Japan’s number 1 paradise for wild birds. Together with the neighboring Kushiro area, Nemuro is home to over 360 species of birds. The Japanese Crane is one of them, and one of the main attractions in the Kushiro area.

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