Chiiori Trust

Iya Valley
Chiiori Trust is located deep in the mountains.

Oku-Iya area is nicknamed the Japanese Tibet because of its inaccessible location. In Oku-Iya, there is a 300-year-old folk house. American writer and Japanologist Alex Arthur Kerr bought the house in 1973. He restored the house to a liveable state, including re-thatching the kayabuki roof using traditional materials. The house was given the name Chiiori, or “House of the Flute”. The restoration of Chiiori was a project that was started by Kerr and others to preserve Japan’s vanishing arts, culture, and traditional lifestyle.

In 2007, Kerr decided to become more personally involved with Iya. He expanded and reorganized the board of directors of the project and closed the house for a few months for renovations. It reopened in November 2007. You can now stay at the house, or you can visit it by reservation. There is no public transportation to Chiiori, so you will have to take a taxi from Oboke station.


Access to Oboke station (25 minutes walk to the Oboke Gorge Cruise Terminal):

From Takamatsu, take JR Lines to Udatsu, then change the train to Oboke. (about 2 hours)

From Oboke station, you can take a bus to the Vine Bridge (30 minutes).