Miyako Island

Miyako Island

Miyako Island

Throughout the archipelago of Okinawa you can find beautiful beaches, but the beaches of Miyako are supposed to be the best. 300 kilometers south of the main island of Okinawa, this small island is a paradise for swimmers and divers. The island is green thanks to its many sugar cane plantations, is surrounded by white-sand beaches, and boasts an emerald-colored sea.

Miyako Island’s most famous beach is the 7-kilometer long Yonaha Maehama Beach, and it is especially great for relaxing and swimming. If you want to go snorkeling, Aragusuku Beach would be your best bet. For spotting turtles, Yoshino Beach is the place to go. Please respect the turtles’ space, as they are very sensitive animals. You can see a beautiful sunset from Yonaha Maehama Beach and Aragusuku Beach.

For local cuisine, you should try the local-style soba buckwheat noodles and Miyako beef, a type of beef that you can only eat on this island as it is rare.

Miyako Island is also known for the international triathlon competition that is held there every April.

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