Traditional building of the Matsuyama Dogo onsen

Ehime Travel Guide

Ehime Prefecture | Travel Guide

While Ehime prefecture on Shikoku island might not be a typical destination for international tourists, it has plenty to offer in terms of nature and history. If you are into Japanese literature, Ehime’s capital city Matsuyama might be familiar to you. ‘Botchan’ by famous novelist Natsume Soseki is based on the writer’s personal experience as a teacher in the city. But as you can see in this travel guide, there is more to see in Ehime!

Dogo Onsen is a Matsuyama hot spring that became an Important Cultural Property of Japan. In Yokaichi-Gokoku you can visit traditional streets without the usual tourist crowds. You can feel the serenity in the old houses and garden of Garyu Sanso, and there are many nice beaches.