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Outline of Tokushima

Tokushima City is the prefectural capital of Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku Island. The population is about 250,000. The city is located at the mouth of the 194 km-long Yoshino River, the second-longest river in Shikoku next to the Shimanto River.


Female dancers at the Awaodori Festival in Tokushima

The city’s main tourist attraction is the Awa Odori, a highly popular, annual dance festival held during the Obon season in mid-August. The Awa-odori Dance is known throughout Japan. The 400-year-old dance is currently also performed outside the prefecture, and the dancers have been invited to perform at overseas events.

The Awa-dori Dance is considered to be as passionate and international as Rio’s Carnival. Therefore you may find yourself joining in on the fun. There are many groups of dancers called ‘Ren’. They practice hard in order to dance very well at the festival.

There are male dances and female dances that are slightly different from each other. Men dance while wearing a happi coat while women dance while wearing a straw hat. They are accompanied by 6 instruments. The Japanese flute, shamisen, 3 kinds of drums, and sho (a bell hit by the wooden stick).

Awa-odori Kaikan

At Awa-odori Kaikan, you can join the dance!

In case you can’t be there at the time of the event, the Awa-odori Kaikan Hall in the center of the city is open for you to experience the Awa-odori at any time of the year. If you wish, you can even dance there during a one-hour experience. First, the professional local dancers give a demonstration. It is done in a really beautiful setting with colorful lighting. They dance on the rhythm of the instruments.

After the first performance, they will give a lesson on how to dance and you can join them. Two guests will be chosen as the best dancers, and they can get a small prize. Then they show the last performances. After you try to dance by yourself, you can appreciate their professional skills even more.

The venue is located at a 10-minute walk from Tokushima station.

Naruto Whirlpools

The Naruto Whirlpools from the observation tower.

In Tokushima, you can also visit the famous giant Naruto whirlpools, just outside of the city on the shore of Naruto strait. There is a narrow strait between the cape of Naruto and Awaji Island of about 1.3 km. At high tide, the seawater flows from the Pacific Ocean to the Seto Inland Sea, and at low tide, the seawater flows in reverse. Because the width of the strait is narrow, at high and low tide, the speed of the tidal current become 13 to 15 kilometers per hour. It is the fastest current in Japan. Because of this fast current and the complicated shape of the seabed, whirlpools are generated whose diameter can become 15 meters.

You can observe the whirlpools from a tourist boat.

You can appreciate the whirlpools in three ways. One is overlooking the whirlpools and beautiful scenery around it from the observation on the hill. You can look down the whirlpool through the glass window on the floor from the passage built under the Ohnaruto Bridge. And if you ride the sightseeing boat, you can see the whirlpools from very close up.


Access to Tokushima station:

Take express train from Takamatsu (1 hour)

Access to Naruto:

Take a bus from Tokushima or Takamatsu (40-50 minutes)

Area Map

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