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Japan Sakura Complete Tour 11days
Visit 8 World Heritage sites of UNESCO with cherryblossom

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Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first time visitor to Japan, we recommend "Sakura tour 11days" itinerary, our most popular tour. This tour gives you a sampling of all that Japan has to offer, from unique locales to "must see" tourist attractions in Tokyo , Kyoto, Hiroshima and Koyasan.
Main attraction of this tour is visiting 8 World Heritage sites of UNESCO.
Mt.Fuji, Kyoto, Nara, Himeji Castle, Iwami Ginzan (silver mine), A-Bomb Dome, Itsukushima Shrine and Koyasan.
Please enjoy beautiful contrast between cherry and traditional architectures and nature scene.
Wifi is available in the bus.

Guide of this tour

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Welcome to Tokyo! You will be greeted by an English-speaking assistant at the airport. The assistant will get you in the bus to your hotel.

About accommodation Hotel Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba (Free WiFi) or similar
DAIBA station on the Yurikamome line is facing the hotel entrance. It is 15 minutes from Shimbashi station linked with JR lines.There are DiverCity Tokyo Plaza(shopping mall) or Amusement park(Palette-Town) around the Hotel.
Meals Breakfast: ―     Lunch: ―     Dinner: ― ※Meals : ✓ = include , ― = NOT include



We start the day to visit Tsukiji Fish Outer Market (Not tuna Auction), which is known to be the biggest fish market in the world. The Tsukiji Outer Market, known as the Jogai Shijo, is Japan's "Food Town", where one can encounter all of Japan's traditional foods. A mixture of wholesale and retail shops along with numerous restaurants line the streets, and new culinary trends are born here. Take a walk around and experience the taste of Japan first hand.

Today, Cosplay girl get on the bus with you and spice up the sightseeing!!
We head out to the Imperial palace. The Imperial palace is the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan. It is a large park-like area located in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo and contains buildings including the main palace, the private residences of the Imperial Family, an archive, museums and administrative offices. It is built on the site of the old Edo Castle and the beautiful cherry flower in spring.

Today's lunch, as you can pretend Japanese Office workers, enjoy set menu, Ramen noodle or Sushi at common restaurants not at touristic restaurant.

We will visit Tokyo Skytree, a broadcasting and observation tower with the height of 634 meters (2,080ft). The view of the metropolitan Tokyo area from there will be spectacular. If the sky is clear, the Mt. Fuji can be seen in the distance.

Then we proceed to Asakusa Sensoji Temple, the Five Storied Pagoda and the traditional Nakamise shopping arcade. Nakamise is one of the oldest shopping centers in Japan. Since Shogun Tokugawa (Ieyasu) established Edo Shogunate, the population in Edo (old capital city, now Tokyo) grew as well as visitors to Sensoji Temple. In 1688 - 1735, those neighbors who performed receiving and serving visitors in Sensoji Temple were given special right to open their shops in the approach to the temple. This was said to be the beginning of Nakamise.

Then drive to Akihabara area and enjoy Japanese pop culture zone, the electronic district and the mecca for the anime (Japanese cartoon characters). Hundreds of electronics shops, ranging from tiny one man stalls specializing in a particular electronic component to large electronics retailers, line the main street and the crowded side streets around Akihabara. The character of Akihabara has constantly changed over the decades and continues to do so. In the last decade Akihabara has emerged as a center of Japanese otaku and anime culture, and dozens of stores specializing in anime, manga, figurines and other collectibles have filled the spaces between the electronics retailers.

After Akihabara, we go to Sakura Festival in Ueno park at night. You may watch cherry blossoms in full bloom.Viewing cherry blossoms at night is called 'Yozakura Kenbutsu,' and it is Japanese unique custom.

About accommodation Hotel Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba (Free WiFi) or similar
DAIBA station on the Yurikamome line is facing the hotel entrance. It is 15 minutes from Shimbashi station linked with JR lines.There are DiverCity Tokyo Plaza(shopping mall) or Amusement park(Palette-Town) around the Hotel.
Meals Breakfast: ✓     Lunch: ✓     Dinner: ―※Meals : ✓ = include , ― = NOT include



This is the day when we visit the highest peak in Japan, Mt.Fuji which has just become No.17 World Heritage Site in Japan. It is has been appreciated by many Japanese for ages because of its perfect conical shape. Please enjoy magnificent shape from Lake Kawaguchi if weather permitting.

Our journey will continue to Hakone, the weekend getaway from the Tokyo metropolitan area, a nature-rich resort with the beautiful Lake Ashi where we take a cruise. Also, we will take a cable car to see the splendid scenery from an observatory deck, Mt.Fuji, Gulf of Sagami and Lake Ashi...

We then head out to Hamamatsu for the night and have Japanese style dinner at the hotel.

About accommodation Hamanako Royal Hotel (Free WiFi) or similar
It has large onsen (hot spring). Please enjoy taking bath.
Meals Breakfast: ✓     Lunch: ✓     Dinner: ✓※Meals : ✓ = include , ― = NOT include



We start the day Bullet train experience to Kyoto, the heart of Japanese tradition. You will feel that you have time slipped into the world one thousand year ago, when visiting Kiyomizu temple and Golden Pavilion

Kiyomizu temple is known as there is not a single nail used in the entire structure. Golden Pavilion, beautifully constructed shrine is well balance with nature maintaining a Japanese and Zen Garden with a Bamboo Forest.

Next, we visit at Nishijin Textile Center, ladies wearing kimonos show you beautiful seasonal design and patterns of kimonos and sashes. In the evening you will be taken to Gion “Geisha district” Those who have seen “Memoirs of Geisha” will be fascinated by its shooting spots. We stay in Kyoto for tonight.

About accommodation Kyoto Tokyu Hotel (Free WiFi) or similar
It is located right next to Nishi Honganji (temple, World Heritage).
It is good idea to take walk to Nishi Honganji to see peace morning atmosphere (no entrance fee).
Also, they have shuttle bus service to Kyoto station. Please enjoy having dinner aroud there.
Meals Breakfast: ✓     Lunch: ✓     Dinner: ―※Meals : ✓ = include , ― = NOT include



Before leaving Kyoto, we can’t miss one place to visit…“Fushimi Inari Shrine”, which is famous for its thousands of Torii gates, generally separating the sacred realm from the real world. All of the Torii here are donations from the general public. Most of the Torii gates are built closely together off and on up to the top of the mountain just like a vemillion tunnel.

If you are a drinker, you would love to visit our next stop…the sake brewery! The guide gives you a little tour inside the brewery followed by tasting.

Visiting the ancient capital of Japan, Nara, is a must in your tour. You will be greeted with cute deer vowing to you around Todaiji temple at Nara. You will feel sacred when looking up the huge Buddha statue made in 8th century. Just outside the temple is the Nara Deer Park, where you will be greeted by numerous deer that roam around freely.

After Nara we move to our final destination Osaka. Osaka is said, "City of food". Let's take short walk through Dotonbori street to see local food and people's night life. We stay at a hotel in Osaka for tonight.

About accommodation Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka (Free WiFi) or similar
It is located in central Osaka and there are various kinds of restaurants due to the city is called "City of Food".
Meals Breakfast: ✓     Lunch: ✓     Dinner: ―※Meals : ✓ = include , ― = NOT include



Leaving Osaka, we go to Himeji Castle that was built in early 17th century. It is called as "Egret castle" due to its beautiful white walls and roof. It is designated as World Heritage of UNESCO.
Contrast between the castle and cherry is so beautiful.

Then, we will drive to the prestigious Adachi Museum that is famous for beautiful art works and Japanese garden.

About accommodation Matsue Tokyu Hotel or similar
Meals Breakfast: ✓     Lunch: ✓     Dinner: ✓※Meals : ✓ = include , ― = NOT include



Today's excursion starts from Izumo Taisha (shrine) in Izumo. Its origine is unknown, however, it has such a long time history since ancient time. Because it is said that the shrine enshrines god of marriage , so many people visit this shrine to pray for their marriage.
The stories about the god are described in ancient document called "Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters)" . You may fell atmosphere of ancient myth of Japan.

From Izumo, we will drive to Iwami Ginzan (silver mine) which is designated as World Heritage site of UNESCO. The mine produced almost 1/3 of silver in the world between 16th and the mid 19th century. Not only the mine, but also traditional houses around the mine still show us tasteful townscape.

Then, we will drive to Hiroshima.

About accommmodation Hiroshima Grand Prince Hotel (Free WiFi) or similar
Meals Breakfast: ✓     Lunch: ✓     Dinner: ✓※Meals : ✓ = include , ― = NOT include



Japan is the only country which has suffered A-bomb disaster. The first A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima at 8:15 on August 6, 1945. It would be precious experience to visit Peace Memorial Park and Museum as well as A-bomb Dome that is designated as World Heritage of UNESCO. Although you don’t see the aftermath of the disaster in Hiroshima today, the museum tells you all about what happened.

Near Hiroshima city there is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site, Itsukushima Shinto shrine. We take a boat off the main island to a small sacred island, on whose beach stands the vermillion color Torii gate. The gate and main hall of the shrine look floating in the water when the tide is high.

We will go on to Shikoku island crossing on a series of huge suspension bridges spanning Shikoku and Honshu islands. The view from the bridges made with latest Japanese technology will be unforgettable. The climate of this area of Japan is similar to that of Mediterranean Sea, which is suitable for growing fruits like grapes and oranges.

About accommodation JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu or similar one
Meals Breakfast: ✓     Lunch: ✓     Dinner: ✓※Meals : ✓ = include , ― = NOT include



We will start excursion from Ritsurin Park, one of the best Japanese garden in Takamatsu. It takes your breath away with picturesque scene of ponds, small bridges and tea house.

Leaving Shikoku with a 2 hour boat ride to Honshu island again, the tour continues to the sacred training spot of Buddhist monks at Koyasan mountains. 117 temples are located 1,000m (about 3,000ft) above sea level and Koyasan is designated as World Heirtage site of UNESCO.
The legendary monk Kobodaishi is one of the most historical religious figures. The mausoleum of Kobodaishi, Okunoin and lined up tall cedar trees approach to the mausoleum makes the area sacred atmosphere.

About accommodation Shukubo (Guest house managed by temple)
Please enjoy experiencing Shojin Ryori (vegetarian meal made by Buddhist monks).
Meals Breakfast: ✓     Lunch: ✓     Dinner: ✓※Meals : ✓ = include , ― = NOT include

DAY 10


Before leaving Mt.Koya, we can’t miss Danjo garan. Konpon Daito(Great Pagoda) is planned by Kobo Daishi,as a center of his monastic camplex.Canstruction began in 816,and was nearly completed some seventy years later.The design is a three-dimensional expression of the mandalas of Shingon Buddhism.Images of the eight patriaechs of Shingon Buddhism are also painted in the corners of the structure.
We proceed to Kongobuji. Kongobuji is the administrative head temple of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism.

Then we head out to final destination Osaka. Osaka was the commercial center in the samurai period, developed around invincible Osaka Castle, which is a famous landmark, a popular sightseeing spot, and the symbol of Osaka, contains thirteen structures which have been designated as Important Cultural Assets by the Japanese government.
The top of this 7 story building commands great views of the city of Osaka, the castle being surrounded by the walls of huge stones and moats. We stay in central Osaka for tonight.

About accommodation Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka (Free WiFi) or similar
It is located in central Osaka and there are various kinds of restaurants due to the city is called "City of Food".
Meals Breakfast: ✓     Lunch: ✓     Dinner: ―※Meals : ✓ = include , ― = NOT include

DAY 11


Time to get back home with unforgettable memory and lots of souvenir.Leaveing for Kansai International Airport by shuttle. Return by air.

Meals Breakfast: ✓     Lunch: ―     Dinner: ―※Meals : ✓ = include , ― = NOT include

Customer Reviews

Arigto Gozaimasu!    

The best places : Hiroshima Peace Museum
The best experience: Hiroshima peace museum .Morning mess in Mt.Koya
We got to see different specially foods from different regions.
We got to see so many different locations and different regions. The guide was perfect. She was insightful extremely knowledgeable. She made this trip really meaningful. Arigto Gozaimasu!
By Andrew Matthew - 2016 spring -

I was able to experience local cuisine , lots of variety. Amazing food!   

The best places : Mount Fuji , Himeji castle , Izumo Taisha Hiroshima , tea ceremony
Foods : I was able to experience local cuisine , lots of variety. Amazing food!
The guide was very attentive to each person’s needs and food preferences. Extremely knowledgeable about each place and historical sites.
By Erika Yoshida - 2016 spring -

I will return for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020.   

The best places : Akihabara
The best experience : onsen ,hanami
I got to try new and different foods.
I will return for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020. Thank you for such a wonderful time.
By Andrew Coyoca - 2016 spring -

Start Date(Day 1 of the Itinerary) March 25 , 2018 & April 01, 2018
Nights 11 days 10 nights
Price USD 3,850
Single room supplement USD 800
Price (Age4-11) USD 1,925


Please note that children age 4-11 participant are half price when sharing a bed with their parents or guardians.
Children age 3 and under participant are free of charge.


All prices are per person, based on double or triple occupancy.
International flights are not included on our tours - this allows you the flexibility to choose your own departure and get the best value for your money!


  • 8 nights Western style and 1 nights Japanese style and 1 night at Shukubo (guest house of temple in Koyasan) accommodation
  • Meet and greet upon arrival at Narita Airport
  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure
  • Private coach transfers between destinations in Japan
  • Comprehensive escorted with our licensed professional English speaking tour guide
  • Meals described as in the itinerary
  • Admission fees and activities
  • Entry fees to sites, gardens, and museums listed in the itinerary


  • International Airfares
  • Meals that are not included in the itinerary
  • Travel Insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
  • Personal expenses such as telephone and laundry bills
  • Gratuities


Transport Travel by air conditioned, private coach, baggage handling free
Arrival/Departure Airports For arrivals at Narita Airport (NRT), this tour starts in Tokyo and ends in Osaka, with departures at Osaka Kansai Airport (KIX)
Meal Requests Vegetarian or special meals can be arranged
Meet and Greet Please note that the meet and greet and airport transfer to the first hotel is ONLY availableii on the first day of the tour after 10:00 AM.
If you plan to stay extra nights before the start of the tour, please arrange your own hotel transfer

Tour schedule and prices subject to change without notice


  • Tsukiji Fish Market (Not Tuna auction)
  • Imperial Palace
  • Tokyo Skytree

  • Akihabara
  • Asakusa
  • Ueno Park


  • Lake Kawaguchi
  • Lake Ashi cruise


  • Gion (District where Geisha and Maiko work)
  • Kiyomizu Temple
  • Fushimi Inari Shrine

  • Kimono Show (Nishijin)
  • Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavillion)
  • Gekkeikan Sake Brewery


  • Todaiji Temple
  • Deer Park


  • Dotombori street
  • Osaka Castle


  • Himeji Castle


  • Adachi Museum
  • Izumo Taisha Shinto Shrine


  • Iwami Ginzan (silver mine)


  • Peace Memorial Park & Museum
  • A-bomb Dome
  • Itsukushima Shinto Shrine


  • TAKAYAMA Ritsurin Park


  • Konpon Daido
  • Approach to Okunoin
  • Buddhist monks