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Sake Brewery tour

Tokyo Ghibli-Pokemon tour

Your guide of sake connoisseur will escort you to one of top-ranked Japanese sake breweries,which would not usually accept individual tourists,hand-picked by your guide from more than 1,600 sake breweries in Japan,including the ones requiring advanced booking. English speaking guide service is included

8:30-9:30 Your guide will greet you at the lobby of your hotel.
You can learn about sake your copy of Japanese sake handbook specially made for the tour.

When you arrive at the sake brewery,you will be invited to look at the center of the hidden part of the brewery.
You can see how top-ranked Japanese sake is produced at the actual site,and can enjoy tasting of sake,which is just produced there or which you cannot find at the market.If you like some,you dan buy as a souvenir.

After the visit,please enjoy your lunch at one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in the neighborhood.
Water used for cooking there is the same water that is used for sake brewing.Please enjoy Japanese cuisine that is the best in that season,such as fresh sashimi,tempura of seasonal ingredients or handmade soba noodle.

You will be guided to a sake museum,refurbished from an old sake brewery.
Here,you can learn the history of sake brewing,how it is produced,and comparison with other alcohol drinks such as beer.

You can take Shikomi-mizu, the brewing water,with you.

Water is one of the very important factors in sake brewing,which decides how dry the taste of the sake will be.You might be able to take the natural subterranean water,which is used for sake brewing,that comes from 150 maters below the ground of the sake brewery.

15:00-17:00 You will be accompanied to your hotel.


The itinerary is of a typical tour.Activities included in the offred itinerary might be changed by some reasons, such as the brewery's convinience and traffic conditions,without prior notice.

Sample price Adult: From ¥22,000, Child(6-11): From ¥18,700
Include admission fee traffic expense and guide.
Departure By your request
Minimum 3 persons
Transportation Van
Duration about 6 hours

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